2 comments on ““KL Zombi” (2013) – Malay Zombie Horror/ Comedy

  1. I watched it for 10 minutes before I started playing games on my phone. Thankfully, my husband and I were sitting way in the back. Even my most favorite comedian, Zizan, and most favorite genre, zombie, did not do the trick. Do I feel like I wasted my money? No, because I got to spend time with my honey bear. 😉

    Personally, Malays should stick with traditional ghost like pocong, langsuir, pontianak and even toyol. So, Paku Pontianak, Penanggal and Paku are among the movies I’ll be watching. In Paku, a man married a pontianak, had a daughter, found out about his wife true nature and ponder whether their daughter was human or ghost or both.

    • Hahaha!! That’s the fun part for me too… “Movie Nite” is also quality “Cuddle Time” with my sweetheart and our kitty. She’s definitely not a big fan of my foreign films for the most part but definitely enjoys the chance for some quiet “us” time together. Once in a while she even enjoys the movie too… 😉

      For me this one was nice to see a familiar monster through the eyes of another culture. While I like learning the local folklore too, I can’t help but smile to see what others make of my own. “Paku Pontianak”… I wanted to get that one, but unfortunately it’s one of the few Malay DVD’s released without English subs… darn it. With luck I’ll find some fansubs, but that’s not always the case….

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