2 comments on ““Congkak” (2007) – Malaysian Ghost/ Horror

  1. that was a pretty cool review. there’s better Malaysian horror stuff, like Jangan Pandang Belakang, which I think is a better movie by by the same director. great site you got there.

  2. Why thank you Guba, nice to have another visitor weigh in with an opinion!

    I find that my biggest problem with Malay films is just plain finding them…. not an easy task I assure you. Then…. if I’m lucky they’ll have subtitles….. but not always.

    I’m told “Susuk” has them….. but I’ve been completely unable to locate a copy of the legitimate Malay DVD release anywhere!! “Jangan Pandang Belakang” is on my “look out for” list as well, and there’s “Orang Minyak” and a new one I saw recently “Maut” (Which I did actually find!! But the promised english subtitles were nowhere to be found on the disc…. Grrrrr!!)

    Anyway…. so glad you enjoy my lil’ blog of movie ramblings and I hope you’ll stop by again soon!!

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