4 comments on ““Congkak” (2007) – Malaysian Ghost/ Horror

  1. that was a pretty cool review. there’s better Malaysian horror stuff, like Jangan Pandang Belakang, which I think is a better movie by by the same director. great site you got there.

  2. Why thank you Guba, nice to have another visitor weigh in with an opinion!

    I find that my biggest problem with Malay films is just plain finding them…. not an easy task I assure you. Then…. if I’m lucky they’ll have subtitles….. but not always.

    I’m told “Susuk” has them….. but I’ve been completely unable to locate a copy of the legitimate Malay DVD release anywhere!! “Jangan Pandang Belakang” is on my “look out for” list as well, and there’s “Orang Minyak” and a new one I saw recently “Maut” (Which I did actually find!! But the promised english subtitles were nowhere to be found on the disc…. Grrrrr!!)

    Anyway…. so glad you enjoy my lil’ blog of movie ramblings and I hope you’ll stop by again soon!!

  3. just watched Congkak since my spouse insisted. Thank God I found your post so it saves me my 80++ minutes of my life.
    Actually there’s a number of horror drama and local films that featured a husband or boyfriend character that see none of the spooky things happening around are the cause of any bad things going and remained dumb till it’s too late. great recipe for disaster.

    • Yep… it’s always so jarring for me to have characters in one of these films experience some pretty bizarre stuff, only to instantly dismiss the evidence of supernatural stuff without any second thought. Must be a cultural thing…. here in western films, such characters just assume they are going insane or something like that.

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