About Nekoneko!!

Once upon a time, in an Internet far, far away, a lil’ Catgirl wannabe named Miyuki stumbled into a genre movie site named Delirium Vault in search of info on the Shaw Brothers horror-fest “The Killer Snakes”. Despite her terrible, terrible tastes in film, (or maybe because of it), they made her feel right at home and actually let her spread the word about all the downright wacky films she loves to watch.

The years have passed and although Delirium Vault is no more, she’s still here at her cozy “Litterbox”…. still watching all the atrocious Asian cinema, Euro-trash horror, and the goofiest exploitation films ever made. If it’s bad…. really, really bad…. if it has both zombies AND Kung Fu in it…… then she’s probably seen it, and has made it her mission in life to tell you all about it along with rambling stories about her usually boring lil’ life and all her other hobbies like cooking, camping, and… gasp… cosplay!

…You poor unlucky souls…naughty kitten

35 comments on “About Nekoneko!!

  1. Haha, lovely design Neko!

    Looking forward to your entries.

    Also hugs for the mystery that is you. 🙂

    • * Well over 3 years later…*

      Nekoneko!, so nice to see you alive and still scratching at those peculiar posts of film making! 😀

      • My goodness! Welcome back stranger… 😉

        Yep, I’m still alive and kicking here at my new digs, post Delirium Vault…. Nice to hear from one of the old gang, don’t wait so long before dropping back by again. 🙂

  2. Hajimemashite Neko…I stumbled upon your blog and it looks fun. We have same love for horror. I also enjoy writing horror short story.

    Love your nickname, if I ever have a cat again I will name him neko as I already have a turtle named Kame 😉

    Ano ne…kimi no namae wa Miyuki, Hontou no Nihonjin desu ka?

    • Welcome Novroz!
      It’s always nice to meet another of my wonderful visitors, and I’m happy you like what you’ve seen here at the ol’ “Litterbox”. I hope you’ll stop by often and share more thoughts with me.

      Hehehe…. and if my poor language skills are right, you are wondering if my name means I’m Japanese? Well… I am… sort of. My mother is Okinawan and my father is American but I was born and raised here in the United States. In general, I sort of like to think of myself as your average all-American girl in a lil’ Asian inspired package. It definitely makes for some odd “identity crisis” feelings for me at times.

  3. Aa…Wakatta!!
    I guess you don’t understand much Nihongo 😉

    I also have indentity crisis…I am an Indonesian but love things Japanese a lot.

    • I understand a little Japanese, but very, very little….. My mother and grandmother tried to teach me when I was a little girl, but there was a lot of pressure to “fit in” in school and so I resisted much of their efforts. I think that it made my mom disappointed, but she understood how important being just like the other children was to me and never forced me to learn just to please her.

      We never traveled back to Okinawa after my father left the military, but there are times now that I think about taking a trip there to see where my mother’s family lived. Unfortunately, I’d probably just end up feeling like some sort of “outsider”….. I’m just too darn “American”. It’s nice to hear from somebody who can understand that a little.

  4. Nekoneko, nice to meet you… I like reading your review about movie… Do you have any social network account because we can chat more about film…

    • Nice to hear from another movie fan! No… I don’t really do all that “social networking” stuff… I’ve never really had the time for it as my free time gets eaten up by so many things already (as anybody who visits me here can attest to…. ;))

  5. Oh, my goodness… where don’t I look to find them! For me, Internet shopping is a godsend…. and thanks to eBay, Amazon, and a good half dozen online merchants scattered across the globe I manage to find quite a few.

    That’s the beauty of the internet…. as long as “snail mail” can find you, so can packages… 😉

  6. Neko, this is actor, Lawrence bucher and I stumbled across your info as I was blindly added to another film group—which this (for once) proved to be somewhat useful. Anywho, about me, I had the supporting role in an inde film, MUTILATION MILE which got quite a bit of press up to last year. Inde Fest is looking at me as I wrestle for Best Supporting Actor in the May 2012 festival, so I’m juicing this for all I can. If you are interested in reviewing this film (which may/may not be your cup-of-tea) I’ll, hell, I’ll send you my copy…. BTW, very nice site you got going on. Stay kool and in touch~ L

  7. Not sure if you’ve watched these foreign films to review:
    – haute tension (aka switchblade romance)
    – inside (the best villainess ever)
    – livid
    – la casa oculta
    – the serbian film
    – the skin i live in (with mr. banderas)
    – in my skin (a cannabilistic treat)
    – rammbock (zombies)
    – bajo la sal (the little minature cutscenes are pretty cool)

    • Sorry it’s taken me soooo darn long to reply, but lately that seems to be my lot in life….

      Haven’t seen most of those… but I did catch “Haute Tension” and “Rammbock” some while back….

      “Livide” I have on order for a Region 2 disc from France…. the Trailer just looked amazingly scary.

      Hehehe…. my general tastes in horror run more to the supernatural variety rather than the more real world approach of most slasher films. Truth to tell, they give me nightmares. Bad ones….. 😦

      Give me a nice creepy ghost story any day. 🙂

  8. yeah…. quite a good selection of foreign films, Nekoneko… i know all of the movies but because of lack of time, i only watched several of them…
    High Tension(Haute tension)(Switchblade Romance)=5 stars
    Inside(À l’intérieur)=5 stars(you should really check out Martyrs also)
    Livid(Livide)=coming soon
    The Hidden Face(La cara oculta)(Bunker)=coming soon
    A Serbian Film(Srpski film)=4 stars
    The Skin I Live In(La piel que habito)=4.5 stars(you should really check out Victim=similar plot)
    In My Skin(Dans ma peau)=coming soon
    Rammbock: Berlin Undead=4 stars
    Under the Salt(Bajo la sal)=coming soon

    • Hahahha!! Nice to hear from you again Syahmil.

      I have seen “Martyrs”…. and was really… errr… ummmm…. less than a fan of it. It’s a technically well made film and all, but it just sort of rubbed this girl the wrong way. You can check out my impressions HERE if you like, to see what I mean. 😉

      Given my feelings for that one, I’ve tended to sort of avoid films of a similar vein…. but if one can rise above the basic level of gratuitous “torture porn” to give me a new approach to horror, I’m an open minded lady not afraid of the bloody stuff….

  9. Hello

    I’ve had your blog bookmarked since after the Delirium Vault days. I’m glad your still at it Miyuki. Keep it up! Think I’ll inform my Facebook peeps about it since I joined the evil empire sometime ago.

    • Ooooh!! Been a long time since those heady days at Delirium Vault, but it’s always nice to welcome an old Visitor back to my lil’ corner of cyberspace. 😉

  10. What a ghoulishly excellent introduction
    and guess what? I like Zombies too, actually
    I am rather fond of Vampires, Werewolves
    and the odd Skeleton or ten 🙂 🙂

    I am visiting you today
    from my friend Miss. Novia 🙂

    Have a very nice evening my friend
    and if you wish to enter my Space just
    rap on the gates and I will let you in 🙂

    ♫ *´”)
    , ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨) ♫ ♪
    (¸.•´ (¸.• ♫ ♪ Androgoth

    • Welcome to my Litterbox, Androgoth!

      Always nice to meet another Zombie fan…. and I’m pleased to hear you like lots of other monsters too… 😉 I hope you’ll enjoy my goofy ramblings and drop back by again… any friend of dear Novia is always welcome!

      • Yes I will be calling back inside your Space soon, and I will add you to my blogroll so that I will not forget how I found you 🙂 Zombies are always good, unless they are too naughty 🙂 lol

        Have a wonderful evening Nekoneko 🙂


      • I am 🙂
        Actually I have two students in showbiz but I am prouder with him (the director of Epic java) because he makes something that awed me…not that I am not proud with the other.

        You should find a comedy called Pocong Juga Pocong , my student adapted that as a screenplay)

  11. Neko… this is FlaCityBug… I just saw a reference to Robert Martin, ala Fangoria fame, former DVer, and thought of you 🙂

    • Always nice to have old friends from the DV days find their way to my humble lil’ Litterbox! 😉

      Hope you drop back by again… don’t be shy!!

  12. It seems like all the people who came to your litterbox are amazing people. I’m not including myself in that category because I’m only a scaredy-cat who is also stingy and likes reading review and recaps to save time and money and of course to avoid heart attack. Hopefully you’ll be continuing this amazing litterbox for as long as you can to help scaredy old me. You’re a live savior.

    • It’s always fun to chat with my Gentle Visitors here at the Litterbox, and I’ve made some pretty fond friends from all around the world by sharing my goofy ramblings and opinions on movies. Not to worry… that’s just too much fun to stop now… I think the big ol’ Internet is stuck with me. 😉

  13. I’m humbled to see that you and kurt are still out there doing what you do so well 🙂 I have an ever growing list of recomended movies to watch and hopefully enough years left to get through them all.

    Best wishes for the wedding.

    • Van!! Long time no see old friend. 🙂

      Yep… still at it, although there’s been lots of changes in my hectic lil’ life since the old days at DV. You know what they say… “Life always has a way of sneaking up on you while you are busy living…”

      Thanks for your fond wishes! On behalf of my sweetie Carolyn and myself, our fondest hug in return. 🙂

  14. Hi, Nekoneko. Can I use some of your reviews for a book project? I’ll be adding the link to your blog. Thank you!

    • Why hello there!

      Sorry I’ve takeen so long to reply,but I’ve been on a bit of a break…. OK,OK, maybe a looooonnng break, and I’ve been a bit lax on checking things at the ol’ Litterbox. A book project? Hmmmm… seems kinda fun, so sure, go ahead.

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