2 comments on ““The Assassin” (2015) – Chinese Martial Art/ Arthouse/ Drama – “Martial Arts Mayhem: Fighting Femmes Festival – 2016”

  1. I’d heard that the film benefits from reading the story first as the film misses out a lot of plot in favour of a more arty leaning mood. So much like reading Shakespeare before seeing a production familiarity with the source lets you enjoy it more.

    I haven’t seen it yet though so will let you know if I agree when I get to it 🙂

    • I suspected as much when I watched it. It’s just pared down soooo much… it leaves the film lean and gives plenty of room for all the artsy stuff, but I prefer a wee bit more explanation for things rather than the ol’ “use your own impressions” to fill stuff in suitably.

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