2 comments on ““The Treasure Hunter” (2009) – Taiwanese Martial Art Adventure/ Romance – “Thrilling Adventures!! March 2015″

  1. Nice review. A movie I have missed, I might consider giving it a little watch when I catch up with some other commitments. Check your inbox later… I’ll have my side of Gweilorambling’s Thrilling Adventures crossover zinging its way across the Atlantic for you. Though I guess it’s really underneath the Atlantic…

    • It’s a nice looking bit of popcorn crunchin’ movie fun, but awfully confused and messy plot wise. Nice to see the Chinese try a “Raiders” style film, but this one isn’t the big win they might have hoped for, 🙂

      Oooohh… I’ll be taking a peek really soon, and I hope to get back to you on it by this weekend sometime. Sorry it’s taken so long to respond, but we’ve been out of town again for the last couple days to visit Sandra.

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