4 comments on ““Amorosa: The Revenge” (2012) – Philippine Ghost/ Horror

  1. In spite of the spoilers which you did warn me about…the story sounds interesting. I’ll find out if we can get this one here. 🙂 I’ve seen nothing but stinkers recently. ugh! I can forgive a bad story if they can make me jump, but they even failed there. I hope you had a good Valentine’s day. We ignored it and went to meet a kitty on the day after. We brought him home today. 🙂 Yes, he stars in our Caturday post.

    • This one wasn’t too bad… and Empress Schuck, who plays the ghost, is such an appealing and talented young actress that I always enjoy seeing in a Philippine films. It was a little convoluted and melodramatic at times, but for the most part worked well. You guys are in San Fransisco so you ought to be able to find the DVD at any number of Pinoy movie stores in the area. Heck…. Netflix might even have it.

      Ahhhh… yes, Carolyn and I did have a really nice Valentines Day this year (and with luck, I’ll post all about it Sunday afternoon or evening after work). 😉

      A new kitty!! I’ll have to pop over and read all about that….

  2. Some good horror from the Philippines recently. I think Filipino filmmakers are poised to steal all of Japan’s thunder in the world of Asian horror (if they haven’t already).

    • Yes… Lately I’ve found quite a few really nice efforts out of the Philippines, they are definitely underexposed compared to other Asian film markets. Definitely worth a look.

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