5 comments on ““The Day” (2012) – Post Apocalyptic Action/ Cannibal Horror

  1. reading the summary and the cast is already overwhelming. And then you gave it 4stars…that must be something!!

    I have never seen canibal movies before, I dont know if I can stomach human eating another human. but I am glad u like it so much

    • The funny thing is, although they make a big point of the idea of cannibalism, they never show any of that sort of thing actually happening. I didn’t realize that until the film was over…. and for me I found it impressive that they managed to convey the taboo of the subject without needing to get all graphic or gross about it.

      Even if the idea makes you squeamish, I think you’d like this one… it’s more of a “character” film rather than just a bloody display of horror images. It’s bleak but compelling.

    • It ended up bypassing theatrical release, but I’m thinking a “Direct-to-DVD” sequel isn’t entirely out of the question. It would mostly depend upon whether or not Ashley Bell was up for it I suppose.

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