6 comments on ““Happy Thanksgiving!!” aka “I Can Has Turkey?”

  1. Sounds great. Your family stories have always been so warm for the last year or so. Glad to hear you talk about work in much fonder terms too!

    I’ve never ventured in to a Teppanyaki place since I was much younger, I’d always heard they were a bit gimmicky and best to steer clear of. I may be inspired to give one another go sometime 🙂

    Since I stayed in the US while I was younger my Mum still does the full Thanksgiving deal which we had slightly late yesterday. A lovely way to spend a Sunday 🙂

  2. You’ve shared so manw here and I don’t know which one to comment 😉

    it looks like you had wonderful holiday, good to know that 🙂
    I admire Maddy’s excitement about you…that must be heartwarming to you. I thought your situation is already well accepted there in US (unlike here in my country)…but then again, I hear so much about US being so homophobic, not as open as UK…just check our US version of Sherlock Holmes series..they changed John Watson to Joan Watson.

    happy (late) thanksgiving, Miyuki & Carolyn 🙂

    • I did have a nice Thanksgiving!! 🙂

      I just can’t get over how much I really like spending time with Sandra and her family…. Carolyn’s sister is just so much like her that it’s impossible not to like her. As for the kids… it’s almost like having a real niece and nephew to share things with. I’m thinking my “special vibe” with Maddy is due a lot to that whimsical affinity for all things fun and childish that I have. I’ve gotten so I can read her moods almost as well as I can Carolyn’s or Sandra’s.

      I’m so happy that the kids have both been raised to be so accepting and open to new ideas and new things. Not everywhere here in the US is quite that way yet and it’s often scary to be seen as “different” here, no matter what the laws might be. There are times when we’re out and about and I’ll see or hear something that gives me chills and makes me suddenly aware of how I might be easily in serious trouble if faced by some intolerant people who take offense to something simple I might do. It’s weird having to remember not to just take Carolyn’s hand or give her a kiss in public like you might do to your sweetheart without thinking. That’s especially hard for me, given how instinctive and spontaneous I tend to be.

      • I’m too darn fond of my lil’ home to want to move away… although I’ve dreamed of traveling around just to see other countries. I’d miss things too much to live somewhere else though, permanently.

        I suppose we’re luckier than most other ladies in our situation in that we live in a tiny town surrounded by friends who like us just fine for who we are and are well insulated from the majority of the mean spirited bigotry we see on TV in other places. 🙂

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