5 comments on ““Jenglot Pantai Selatan” aka “Virgin Beach Creature” (2011) – Indonesian Horror

  1. hahaha…yes, in Indonesia, you’ll be bane if you dare to make movie with real sex…And somehow that also make me a bit reluctance to see frontal nudity and sex like in The Game of Thrones, I am just not used to such openess. Even my friend, Ruth, who has lived long in US still feel the same as I am.

    This kind of movies usually used cheap actors, not known to most people. The legend of Jenglot in this movie, from your description, is so wrong. They never try to find new body..

    • I thought this was mostly a “made up” legend just for the movie.

      It was very much a movie just to give excuses to show girls and guys roaming around the beach being flirty. Not a “real” horror movie. It reminded me of some of the Hindi films I see that are like that…. they just want to be risque and titillating with some scandalous hints about sex…. Too bad there are always people that will want a movie just for that instead of one that wants to tell a good story and be scary.

      • Some of it are true, Jenglot needs blood to live on and it was a very powerful shaman.
        Jenglot will continue growing its hair and nails, the caretaker have to cut them so that they wont grow too long.

        Jenglot is a human refused by earth.

        hehe…that’s why I don’t watch that kind of horror and there are a lot here!

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