5 comments on ““Prisoner 701 – Sasori” (2008) – Japanese/ Chinese Exploitation/ Action

  1. Ahhhh…. “Neko’s Cardinal Rule on Violence & Torture”.

    Simply put, almost any amount of really nasty stuff can happen to people in a movie as long as the storytellers remember that it’s done not for the gratuitous sense of just showing such stuff, but to give a good narrative reason behind the story itself. I’m timid and squeamish as all heck about such stuff, but I never mind it as long as there’s a reason for it to be there in the story…..

    In short…. never forget to let the victims turn the tables on their abusers and get their just revenge. Without that, there is no payoff for sitting through the nasty stuff…….

  2. I am trying to think of some good films that go the other way as I’m not really an eye for an eye poetic justice kinda guy, but yeah things like Funny Games disturb me no end.

    Maybe Oldboy where everything ends up in a big messed up heap. Of course that might be the better film but it’s no where near as fun as a good revenge fantasy 🙂

    • Well…. there are always the classics.

      “Death Wish” with Charles Bronson springs to mind. Combine that with “Last House on the Left” for the horror component and make your hero a woman and you get one of these sorts of films.

      Carolyn can’t figure out why I like these kind of films when the “Torture Porn” stuff turns me off. I figure it’s something to do with my always having felt very vulnerable and powerless in the face of a world of people all usually much physically bigger and stronger than me. But who knows…..

  3. It’s always been a boy thing for me, Spaghetti Westerns, kung-fu and their modern counterparts. Don’t tell Kurt but I love Kill Bill, perfect combination.

    There’s nothing wrong with hating torture porn, when it was something new like the first Saw movie it had a point in surprising audiences. Now that it’s a genre in its own right there’s no reason for it to exist.

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