2 comments on ““House” aka “Hausu” (1977) – Japanese Fantasy/ Horror

  1. Oh my, yes it was truly a insane ride getting trough this movie..
    One of the most crazy, trippy, wild piece of art horror that ever have taken a spin in my dvd-player.
    I did not fall in love with this movie, it was a bit to arty and to crazy for me. but i dont regret seeing or buying it. I love to see something different once in a while and this movie was kind of cute and charming.

    I have hard to describe my feeling about this movie, but i would like you give it a pretty high score for its originality, visuals and charm, but its not one of my favorite movies..

  2. I got to see this in Winston-Salem at the local art house theater recently and all I have to say is wow that was bizzare. I mean it was a comedy, a horror movie, and it seemed to have something to say about the dangerous of obsessive love. It made great fun of kung fu movies, horror movies, romance movies, but was still quite scary and disturbing at times. We go from a scene with a camp factor of ten (oh lets see the guy turning into a pile of bannans…wtf) to a seriously scary scene (oh lets say the piano being played by only fingers…) and then back to a camp scene (melodies disembodied head looking at her failing legs…saying ohh that’s naughty…which it was since I think the actress was only 17). I laughed I was scared…and I really wanted some of what ever the director was smoking…I mean seriously it must have been some trippy trippy stuff…I think I am going to buy this one just to show to people who think they have seen it all…

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