2 comments on ““Project Hashima” aka “ฮาชิมะ โปรเจกต์” (2013) – Thai Ghost/ Horror

  1. Hello dear, it’s been a while. I watched the movie based on the plot twist you mentioned and for the life of me, I don’t get it. The plot twist was mentioned in a forum, so I guess it’s not a shock anymore. The forum-er was confused too. It’s like Buppah Rahtree they said. A ghost haunting another ghost?

    • Nice to have you drop back by again! 🙂

      Yeah… Asian horror movies can be like this. They really like convoluted and overly complex plot twists at times that can make it very difficult to follow what’s going on. Don’t know why they all tend to be so darn complicated…. I just watched one like that the other day… a Vietnamese horror story “Đoạt Hồn”. I’ll probably be doing a Review in the next day or so… 😉

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