12 comments on “Neko’s Jukebox – October 2017

    • Nice to hear from you again, Van. Hope your Christmas was as nice as mine. 🙂
      Just got back from my annual Christmas visit with Carolyn’s sister’s family. Alway a relaxing haven and a “Merry Christmas” indeed. Now I just have to cross my lil’ fingers and hope 2018 will hold some nice experiences….

    • Ooooohhh!! Novia! You’ve been missing for about the same length of time as me. Your new lil’ boy and hubby must be stealing all your free time these days, eh? 😉

      I’m feeling loads better these days, but I’ve gotten used to being quite the lazy lil’ slug about postingn at the Litterbox. I had thought about making a New Years resolution to post more, but we both know how terrible I am about keeping those sorts of promises…. (Bad kitty!! Baaaaaaad, bad kitty! Hehehehe!!)

      • Hahaha #highfive

        My work and my lil boy are the one stealing my time, fortunately I have an understanding husband.

        I guess we shouldn’t push ourselves too much…update whenever we have time or willingness to do it 😉

  1. You said you were back … but you weren’t. And now it’s almost two years later. Argh!!
    I myself have been off blogging (Backyard Asia) for the longest time but somehow I’ve refound the old urge to be “out there” posting about cool flicks that I like. When I try and check the old blogs quite a few of them seem to have been abandoned or are right out dead (or deleted even). Yours was one of the coolest ones, please consider coming back. ^_^

    • I know…I know…
      I’ve just let things fall by the wayside for a really long time. Wasn’t my intention, mind you, it just sorta happened. I do peek in every now and again to manage things, but getting my butt motivated has been terrible. I do owe my Gentle Readers an update, so I’ll try to pull myself out of the mud and get to doing one soon. Promise.

      • Brilliant! Good to know you’re still here. And yeah I do know what you mean. I turn around and see most of my recent blog ideas in a ditch next to the road.

    • I’m actually still around, but I’ve been a lazy butt about coming back to things here at the o’ll Litterbox. The “short break” I originally decided to take to deal with my perimenopause became a nearly three year flaky walkabout. Now I just feel sort of embarassed about letting things slide for so long. Silly…. but that’s how I feel.

      I doubt any of my original Gentle Visitors are even around anymore to read my admittedly random ramblings…. 😦

      • “Silly” – ’tis okay, don’t worry about it. ^_^

        The majority of blogs have gone to where most message boards/forums went; the Cyberspace version of the ol’e elephant graveyard. People are on social media now. But personally I miss the good blogs.

      • Wow! Guess I spoke too soon! Nice to see someone still keeps an eye out for this wayward wee kitten to peek back in. 🙂

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