11 comments on “Anniversary Time Again!

    • Thank you Marcel. It’s been a rough year so far… but I’m hoping warm summery weather will rescue me. At least as soon as it gets here that is… 🙂

  1. Happy Anniversary!!! Greetings from a longtime reader of your blog!!! I am an Indian girl, and have an obsession with horror movies, so much so that I have pretty much exhausted the current crop of English and Hindi movies and am forced to seek my highs in the form of subtitled gems from faraway lands. Thank you for reviewing Hindi movies; if you like, could you please review one or more of the below? Please forgive my assumption that you haven’t watched these in case you already have and decided that they weren’t worthy of a review. Ok, here goes:
    1. Raaz (The Secret)
    2. Raaz 2
    3. Raaz 3
    4. Vaastushashtra
    5. 1920
    6. 1920:Evil returns
    7. 1920:London
    8. Phoonk
    9. Phoonk 2
    10. Darna mana hai
    11. Darna zaroori hai
    12. Raat

    Apart from the last one, all the others are fairly recent movies and do not have the cheesiness of the Ramsay brothers’ offerings. I hope that you end up liking at least some of them enough to write a review; they are a joy to read!! If nothing else, I hope I have provided you with some avenues to pass the time should you chance upon a boring evening or two. 🙂 Have a great time!!

    • Why hello Chaitali and welcome to my little Litterbox! 🙂

      Always nice to hear from another female fellow horror movie fan. Yep, I’ve seen most of the ones you’ve mentioned (and even did reviews for Phoonk and it’s sequel) although I haven written up reviews for most of them. That happens occasionally for various reasons. Sometimes a film just doesn’t grab me enough, or more likely, I just spaz out and plan to do one but just plain forget…. d’ohhh!!

      Indian horror is one of my favorite things, so do expect more of them to pop up once I get my lazy butt motivated again! 😉

  2. Hey hey, yeah we’re still here 🙂

    Hope you see yourself through to the other side of this rough patch soon. Love and support from those that matter is the most important thing, sounds like you got that sorted! Happy Anniversary!

    • Yes… I definitely lucked out with my choice of sweethearts. Carolyn has gone above and beyond to try to cheer me up and help me fight off the “blaaahs” that seem determined to drag me down. Sam’s been extra nice too. Between the two of them, I’m being taken pretty darn good care of. I’m lucky, I guess. My doctor tells me I could be much worse physically. So far those symptoms seem to be missing me, thank goodness. I just miss being my old carefree self…

  3. Here is a very belated Happy Anniversary! I’m so sorry I missed it. My bad. My very bad. I’m also sorry you’re dealing with the menopausal stuff. I got lucky and escaped the worst of it and now it’s behind me. Hopefully it will smooth out for you. Love and hugs from us to you. 🙂

    • Ahhhhh… Hugs are always greatly appreciated these days. 🙂

      Yeah… the whole perimenopause depression thing that I’ve been stuck with has been a real bummer. Warm weather is struggling to make it’s appearance and I’m hopeful that my usual manic burst of energy I normally get this time of year will hurry up and kick in. That ought to kick those blues right where it hurts and let me start feeling normal again.

      Well… at least as normal as this wierd lil’ Catgirl ever feels…. 😉

  4. Congratulation Miyuki and Caroline 🙂 hope you two will last forever

    You are no better than me 😉 I don’t update my blog that often too…well it’s been more than 6 months now and I have time to write (it’s school holiday here).

    It also seems that you haven’t got time to write about your special day as the next post is about wonder woman 😉

    • Novia! Nice to hear from you again, too! I’ve missed you since you became a mommy. 🙂

      Ahhhh… yes… I’ve been such a lazy lil’ slug these last few months. The weather here finally warmed up but my moods have been so down and blue most of the time that finding ambition to write has been really difficult. I just can’t seem to shake things up and get motivated.

      • I miss blogging too…reading my friends’ blogs and posting something…but I still need to learn time management as Anka is getting more active.

        I have you can find that ambition again soon 😉

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