2 comments on ““The Girl With All The Gifts” (2016) – British Zombie Apocalypse Horror/ Action – “Zombies On The Rampage!!” – February 2017 Zombie Film Festival

  1. Saw this on a plane last week.Really enjoyed it. Far too tense and violent to be watching on a plane but amazing!

    I liked the characters and the metaphor for undesirables. For me the only place the metaphor broke down was the “teaching the savages” but you know Dawn of the Dead’s consumerism meataphor (a honest typo that I’m leaving in!) only held up so far.

    I liked the relationships, and every character, including the baddies had depth. I wanted slightly more of Arterton’s character’s background as it seemed like there was more to her than we were told but I’ll let the film off for that.

    I’d give it 5 stars, just choose your viewing environment better than I did, I supposed to be trying to get some sleep and the film didn’t help any!!

    • Yep. Loved the characters. That’s about my only quibble with this one. It’s a little too short to really get into all of them. I soooo wish they’d have had a bit more time to develop some of them, explore their backstories, really get into their heads a bit more. I’m serious about how this would be the perfect basis for a TV series. So darn much potential herein.

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