2 comments on ““Under The Shadow” (2016) – Iranian/ Jordanian Ghost/ Horror

  1. Techincally it was british enough to be our nomination for best foreign language film at the oscars (thought it wasn’t selected). As odd as that sounds, it seems occasionally we nominate the odd welsh language movie, but this is certainly the first persian language film to get this treatment (I guess the same happens with a number of french language films from Canada… but it still sounds odd). That aside, I really liked it, and if I get my mojo together, I’ll certainly be reviewing it myself 🙂

    • It was a creepy lil’ gem and I’m glad you got the chance to check it out. Once in a while one of these odd little mish-mash films manages to break out of obscurity and make a splash, thank goodness. Every one that does just makes it easier for us to get even more in the future. It’s nice to get a view from parts of the world we don’t usual get to experience.

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