6 comments on “A Catgirl’s Cozy Kitchen… “Sweet & Spicy Hot Curried Pickes”

    • Thanks Marcel… it’s always nice to be able to tempt someone’s appetite! 🙂

      All in all, this recipe has worked out pretty well. I finally opened the second jar… the one with the cucumber spears… and whooo!! Cucumbers work amazingly with this spice profile… I liked them sooo darn much I ened up nibbling away nearly half a quart in one afternoon! Definitely gotta make more.

    • Hehehehe!! When we first met, Carolyn wasn’t originally as fond of curry as me either… but living with me has kind of forced her to gain more of an appreciation for it. She likes hers milder and with a bit more more sweetness than the crazy fiery hot versions I adore. Luckily… with curry… there’s always a lot of wiggle room to adjust the flavors to suit her better.

      Doesn’t really take much to do these… just the jars and a sausepan for the brine. The whole thing might take about 15 minutes to prepair. It’s the wait once you get them in the fridge that will drive you nuts. I definitely recomend the three week wait before cracking them open. Sooooo darn worth it.

  1. That’s a neat idea to write your dream. I have no unusual dream so I never think of writing any of my dream.

    By the way…don;t worry about not updating your blog…I don’t do a good job on that too lately. Although I just made a new blog even though my other two blogs (mine and turtle) often have long hiatus. The new blog is in my language, it is intended for my son so he can see what’s going on with his life since baby. Maybe you’re interested in seeing the pictures there, here’s the blog https://mfatihanka.wordpress.com/

    Your pickle idea reminds me of Indonesia food called asinan…it’s like pickle but it doesn’t need weeks to keep it. There are two kinds of asinan, fruit and vegetable.

    This is the fruit

    and this is the vegetable one

    • Novia, so nice to hear from you, I’ve really missed you over at your blog since Anka was born. New baby and husband are really keeping you busy and all to themselves… 😉

      I definitely want to see more pictures of him! Thank you for the new blog address and I just know I’ll be peeking in to see him and you now and again. Babies grow soooo fast, so recording it all is something I’m thinking you’ll be glad you did for when he gets older.

      Both versions of Asinan look tasty… especially the Asinan Bogor fruit one. I looked it up on Wikipedia and that one especially sounds like something I’d really enjoy. I may definitely have to track down a recipe for it.

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