3 comments on ““Meteletsa: Winter of the Dead” aka “Метелица: Зима мертвецов” (2012) – Russian Zombie Horror

    • Hahahaha!! Yeah… I understand completely. 🙂

      Yep. I’ve seen that one, although I’ve yet to track down it’s sequel, “To Kako – Stin Epohi Ton Iroon” (2009). Zombie movies are just my thing… and seeing foreign ones is just so much fun. The cinema zombie is just soooo “American” an idea and seeing how other countries put their own spin on it is just incredibly fun sometimes.

      There are a couple that have eluded me… but I’m hunting them down. This lil’ Catgirl can be relentless when it come to her movie goodies….

      Here’s my current “To Find” list…

      “Зомби Каникулы” aka “Zombie Fever” (2013) Russia

      “Zon 261” (2016) Sweden

      “Ojuju” Africa

      “Miruthan” (2016)South Indian Tamil

      “Grave Bandits” (2013) Philippine

      Yep…. this wee lady’s got the “Zombie Virus” baaaad….. 😉

      • I was gonna say “wait, an African zombie movie?” (I don’t count The Dead since it was directed by someone from off-continent, IIRC), but then I remembered this horrifying piece of Nollywood history…

        Well, it’s not really a zombie movie in the sense we think of it. BUT STILL.

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