5 comments on ““Claypot Curry Killers” (2011) – Malaysian Cannibal Horror

    • Yeah… I know. I wanted to like this one more, but it’s just too darn tame. 😉

      “Meat Grinder” was like that for me too. That particular film came out right at the time the Thai Film Censorship Board decided to do a really strict crackdown on some of the more gruesome films that were being done there. It definitely suffered for it… There’s been a resurgence of gore films, but nothing like the ones that came out before that.

      My sweetie has always given me such funny looks for liking these sorts of films, and can’t figure out why they don’t bother me the way some other horror genre films do. For me they are just soooo darn “over-the-top” that it’s easier to suspend my disbelief and see them as pure crazy fantasy.

      • With me, that was The Invitation… by the end it had gone so far round the bend it was more comedy/fantasy than slasher flick, and I enjoyed the hell out of it for exactly that reason.

  1. They screened this on Ch 31 (Melbourne) last weekend, I’ve never seen a Malay horror, so I can’t compare to others. I’m not even a horror fan, but this film had me gripped and completely intrigued throughout. Not because of the simple (and yes, rather lame) plot, but for the focus on the individual characters portrayed. There was clearly strong and careful attention to each one, and the actors explored them and presented them so deeply, that the horror element was a nice sideline. In Western horror, it’s almost always about some psycho bloodthirsty sociopath who kills for pure enjoyment, but these girls were mostly fighting mentally to get rid of what they created (although, the mother obviously had completely flipped, along with the eldest daughter, who did have a breakdown after that Bobbit scene, and wanted out, but it was too late). I think all up, to me, it didn’t feel like a horror (which I was glad about), rather a story about a family who got themselves into a very serious mess.
    On the negative, a rather loud underlying premise that ‘all men are evil’ was a bit overboard, but at least there was a saving grace with Dr Cheong and the developing love story with Xi Yu (although, I wasn’t thrilled with how that turned out, but at least there was a glimmer of… ummm, hope. I guess I was just expecting Xi Yu to flip out and kill the family or something, so she could be with the love of her life… which I presume would be too obvious an ending, arghhh).
    All up, I give it 4 meows out of five (am I allowed to do that, or are the meows exclusive to the reviewer? I can go barks if you like), mostly to some bloody good Directing and Acting, those women owned those roles to a tea.

    • Glad to hear from another of my Gentle Visitors… and welcome to the ol’ Litterbox! 🙂

      The psychological aspects of the plot were perhaps the best element of this one, but if you really want to see an excellent example of the toll of horror upon the psyche of a simple family then you might want to try the Thai film “Ladda Land” ( ลัดดาแลนด์) from back in 2011. That film really nails the whole disintegration of a family under stress…

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