2 comments on ““The Moth Diaries” (2012) – American/ Canadian/ Irish Lesbian Vampire Horror

  1. Hmm, going to have to give this one a miss methinks. It’s rather strange to see Mary Harron’s name attached to this, as she doesn’t seem the straight to DVD type. Hey ho. Good to have you back m’dear, I’m looking forward to what random delights you are going to bring us this All Hallows’ Eve 🙂

    • Yep… definitely not worth your time to take a peek at this particular one. Not exactly the cream of the crop vampire wise…

      It’s nice to be back, even if I’m still a little behind on things. I’m feeling more energized these days, and if the weather would co-operate I’d probably be back to normal. Hahaha!! Yeah… looks like Halloween’s gonna be pretty darn random this year as I’ve lamentably planned nothing special so far. I have to work during the day.. but I’ve the evening off, so likely Carolyn and I will get ourselves up to something, I’m sure. 😉

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