6 comments on “Mother Nature’s “Tricks & Treats” – Halloween 2015 – Week 3

    • Thank you Marcel. It’s just so nice to finally know what’s been making me feel so weird and “not me” these last few months. I’m still a little wonky, but the nagging fear about what it might be is all gone.

      So strange… this really brings home my age to me in a way I never considered. Looking in the mirror I look pretty much the same as I have since college and I tend to forget just how many years have really passed.

    • I’m better these days but still feeling a little out-of-sorts. The biggest thing is simply knowing now what the heck is going on, so now I’m not scared and worried on top of feeling “off”.

      I’ve been making an effort to get out more and be more active outside of work to try to get my metabolism to jump in and help moderate my moods and that’s been a big help. I’m just happy Carolyn is here to put up with silly lil’ me and help keep me centered so I don’t get super lazy and moody all the time.

  1. Oh…I didn’t know it can come that fast. I have to be hurry then coz I want to have a child. Thank you for sharing this information and hope you are already back to your normal self now 😉

    By the way, just want to let you know, I am getting married 2 weeks from now 🙂

    • EEEEEEHH!!! Married!! Goodness Novia, I’m soooo happy for you… I’ve always thought you are a wonderfully loving person who deserved to find that someone special for her very own! So that’s what you been up to these last couple months…. I’d wondered why things were so quiet over at your blogs… 😉

      Hope you’ll be writing about that special person soon… I soooo want to hear all the details. Maybe that will inspire me to get off my lazy lil’ butt, cheer up and start back in again soon too. (I’ve just been so “blehhhh” and uninspired this last month and didn’t post at all in November…. people must think I’m giving up on things….)

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