4 comments on ““Nieng Arp” (2004) – Cambodian Vampire Horror

    • Not really surprising you’ve never heard of it, Cambodian horror is really hard to find outside of Cambodia itself. The DVD are downright strange too if you can find one. Weirdly… this particular one is English subtitled on the domestic DVD… which comes as a two disc format like a VCD would, although given the length of the film, it’s not necessary. Apparently, most Cambodian DVD’s are like that… not exactly certain why.

      • Hahaha!! Although this particular film is pretty atrocious, if you are interested in the Asian “Vampire-Witch with Flying Head”, there are some better choices out there. The classic Indonesian take on this one, “Mystics In Bali” is fairly easy to find, and 2002’s Thai effort “Demonic Beauty” aka “ตำนานกระสือ” is still floating around… with English subtitles of course. Last but not least is the recent Malay effort “Penanggal” which I also did a review for here at the Litterbox… not a great film, but waaaaay better than “Nieng Arp”, trust me… 😉

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