10 comments on “Back from “Walkabout”…

  1. …sometimes, when I remember… are you aware that this is 2015 wand DV shut down on 2004?
    That means we’re talking to each other since more than ten years ago…

  2. Bleh!! Still struggling to get motivated as you all can see. I’ve got a review in the works for “Viy” the 2004 Russian fantasy film I finally managed to watch, but I’ve started and scrapped it three times already…. gonna try knocking it together tonight one more time.

  3. Miyuki….welcome back 😉
    You know, I have been abandoning my blogs just like you due to work and other private thing.
    Hope you can blog more often and I am waiting for your adventure post 😉

    By the way…I want you to know this before my other blogger friends. I can’t say much yet at the moment…but the point is, I am currently in love with someone 🙂

    • ❤ Novia!! I'm soooo soooo happy for you!! (Seriously!! I’m bouncing up and down with barely contained excitement as I write this!!)

      You have such a kind and special heart and I’m happy to know you have finally met someone to share that joy with. I hope he likes turtles as much as you. 😉 I can’t wait to read about it when you feel the time is right to share your newfound love with us all. ❤ Eeeeehhh!!! I sooooo wish I could give you a big hug right now!! ❤

      Yep… as you can see, I'm still struggling with that weird funk that seized me a while back. It's October now and I should be all fired up and excited about Halloween, but I'm still all pokey and uninspired. I usually do a month long Review festival and maybe I should just buckle down and force myself to get back to things. I don't know… it just feels so hard of late. Carolyn has noticed my "bleh" feelings and I think she's a little concerned about it and why it's hung over me for so long. 😦

      Yep… I know… I do owe you and all my other friends a good long post about our camping trip. Maybe that would be a good place to try to get a start. Cross your fingers… I’ll definitely make a try.

      • Thank you Miyuki 🙂

        I know you would be happy for me that’s why I tell you first. However, I won’t be writing much about till we get married. We’re planning to but not sure when (yet)…wish us luck 🙂 Fortunately, he is fine with my bay turtles and we actually have the same hobby, we both love hiking.

        I know the feeling!! I also have so much to write but sometimes I just don’t have the will to do it. I am so busy lately and when I finally have free time I tend to use it to have a break by talking to my friends & my boyfriend or watching something….but I am trying to get on track again now.

        I will be waiting for your adventure 😉

      • ❤ Married!! 😀

        I think that you will definitely enjoy that as much as I have!! You have such a sweet dear soul that will thrive on love and I hope your boyfriend makes your heart sing when you are together, you deserve all the best luck I can wish for you both!! 🙂

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