4 comments on ““Sifu Versus Vampire” (2014) – Chinese Hopping Vampire Horror/ Comedy

  1. Hopping Vampires? Check. Jiang Luxia. Check. You know if it wasn’t the Wong Jing connection I’d have been all over this one. I don’t need another post modern take a la Rigor Mortis, but I had my doubts. I might catch it on a slow day I suppose, but if Luxia isn’t even kicking ass I can see me just giving it a miss. Boo!

    Ps. I’ve been trying to work out the pun for the last 5 minutes. I’m so feeling dumb for not getting it. If I wake up in the middle of the night with a giant lightbulb above my head when my old brain works it out subconsciously? Well I’m blaming you Mrs Neko!

    • What? Blame lil ol’ me? 😉

      There might be a reason why the funny bit escapes you.The joke is sort of like the one in the Jackie Chan western “Shanghai Noon”. In it his character is named “Chon Wang”… which if you say it reeeeaally slow sounds kind of like “John Wayne”. This one also sounds like another name of a character in English language films…. an old one mind you… and maybe one not as famous in the UK.

      Overall though, this one isn’t as good a film as i had hoped for. I actually sorta like Wong Jing’s older stuff… it’s goofy and easy for my brain to digest. This one just definitely isn’t Wong at his peak…

  2. great movie tho….
    it’s enjoyable…btw have you watch rigor mortis? that’s an ode for the old mr.vampire movies…
    but in darker sense…
    or please check out the underrated h.k. movie inner sense by leslie cheung…
    in fact it was his last movie…and ironically he died after act on this movie…
    rip leslie…

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