5 comments on ““[REC] 4: Apocalypse” (2014) – Spanish Zombie Apocalypse/ Horror

    • Hahahaha!!! Zombies are an acquired taste. I’ve always had a peculiar fascination with them as monsters. They touch a very primal part of the human mind to generate fear, They’re us… but they’re not.

      If you’ve seen the first one, you’ve seen the best of the series. The second one is nice too but not essential.

      • On contrary to you, I like ghost more 😉
        I think it’s because Zombie is NOT Indonesian monster, I got to know them after I watched western movies…as for ghost stories, I grow up with it

  1. Well, this IS the first one Balaguero directed on his own, and he’s not nearly the director Plaza is, so I never expected this one to be as good as the others…but I have to say, your description makes me think I need to give it a chance.
    Also: eeeeeeeeeeee! Bring Me the Head of Machine Gun Woman is streaming on Netflix! I FINALLY get to see it!

    • Well… like I said… it’s a reasonably competent film that knows it’s audience, but nothing groundbreaking or novel. Wotth a look certainly if you dig Zombie films… (and… who doesn’t? 😉 )

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