4 comments on ““Secret of the Incas” (1954) – American Adventure/ Romance – “Thrilling Adventures!! March 2015″

  1. Nekoneko
    Your review of SECRET OF THE INCAS was very special because it is virtually the only one I’ve read written by a lady. There are are a couple of female reviewers on IMDb but they don’t go into any detail like your good self.

    I thought you might be interested to know that I have a website on SECRET OF THE INCAS, Nekoneko, I hope you take a look and enjoy it as much as I enjoyed your own blog.


    • I’m a pretty odd lil’ lady… 😉

      My friends all wonder about my tastes in movies and film… I’ve always leaned towards the quirky and unusual. Older films like this were the sort of thing I watched voraciously as a little girl on TV and whenever I mention one of them to a female friend they usually give me such a blank look. Guess they were watching a whole lot different things when they were kids… 😉
      You have a whole website devoted to this one? I’ll definitely have to give it a look.

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