4 comments on ““Diamonds of Kilimandjaro” (1983) – French Jungle/ Adventure/ Sexploitation – “Thrilling Adventures!! March 2015″

  1. This is a moment of Internet history! 0 meows? I honestly thought you’d see some good in anything! But then you see setting the bar low if you allow Jess Franco into your life! And to be honest this one seems lacking in the more *cough* extreme stuff that made him famous.

    Least I know that our upcoming shared Indian adventure can’t be this bad. Can it?

    • “Naksha” finally arrived in my mailbox just yesterday, seems it had to come to me from Amazon Marketplace by way of India itself. Hopefully it’ll be a much nicer movie experience overall.

      I wavered a bit in deciding what rating to give “Diamonds” but after thinking it over, it just struck me as such a mess of a film with nothing about it I liked at all… and no sign that the film ment anything to anyone involved beyond a quick paycheck… Even the most incompetant turkey of a film will have something going for it if it was made by someone actually emotionally involved in the process. That enthusiasm can o0ften make a clumsy film seem like a better one if it shows thorugh, Here we get nothing but emptyness….

    • I do believe I’ve only given 5 “Meows” once before… a quirky lil’ Indonesian horror film “Kuntilanak” which was about the most enjoyable Indonesian film I’ve ever seen, simple, creepy, and with a neat bunch or folklore stuff I really enjoyed.

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