14 comments on ““Raiders of the Lost Ark” (1981) – “Thrilling Adventures!! March 2015 – Miyuki’s Memories”

  1. Hahahaha!! Yep… I’m as big a movie geek now as I was when I was little… 😉

    This Review is probably less analytical than usual and more about my feelings and memories of the time, but some movies are like that for me…

    I’ll take a read on yours and add it in as soon as possible!! 🙂

    **UPDATE** And done! Yep… grown up me is aware of some of those implausibilities that crept in, but at the time I first watched it none of those really struck me. Your story tells me just how much “Raiders” really was a film for kids. Or those with a strong sense of childhood whimsy… 😉

  2. Raiders…really never did it for me as a kid. I may have been a little too old when it came out to be captivated like that–I’m four years older than you, if I’m doing the math right (I know we’ve had this conversation before, but my brain is swiss cheese), and that makes sense, ’cause four years before that was Star Wars, which I saw in the theater 23 times–still to this day a record for me. One likely never to be broken with even matinee tickets starting to run $7.50 in my neck of the woods–and THAT movie I have those sorts of memories about.
    But I was the Obscurathon guy even then. My best memories of the pre-pubescent years are from our local CBS affiliate’s Saturday afternoon creature features. Those godawful black and white sci-fi flicks from the fifties (X: The Man with X-Ray Eyes!) and more contemporaneous crapfests that kids who grew up in the age of DTV will never, ever believe were released theatrically (The Incredible 2-Headed Transplant!)…

    • Oooohh!! I watched plenty of those old B&W horror and sci-fi things back then too… probably another of those things that warped… errr.. shaped.. this wee lady’s development back then. 🙂

      “Raiders”was something else though… I was always so much of a wild lil’ girl back then that it really struck a chord with me. Naturally I watched all the sequels too, but never captured that intial enthusiasm that the first film provoked. So far, everybody I’ve talked to about it seems to agree… the younger you were when you first saw it, the more you enjoyed it on a basic level.

      Now on the other hand, my sweetie Carolyn always says she preferred 2001’s “Tomb Raider” over Indiana Jones, but I’m thinking that’s mostly because she has a bit of a crush on Angelina Jolie…. 😉 (Someday I’ll have to show her the Russian film, “Skalolazka I Posledniy Iz Sedmoy Kolybeli”… 😉 )

  3. Ah!! I am late 😦

    I still haven’t rewatched it. Great review by the way.
    I have been so immerse in many Japanese movies and dramas ever since I found the right site. I always love Japan entertainment so when I found it again I kinda don’t want to miss anything and somehow English speaking movie is a bit left out nowadays.

    • No, you aren’t late… 😉

      I’ll just add your thoughts in when you send them and we’ll all discuss them in the comments (I hope… ). Although I think Carolyn was right when she told me my memories of this one were likely to be a lot different from people who watched it first when they were older. She herself never saw it till she was in High School and didn’t have anywhere near the reaction to it I did. For her, it was just an enjoyable movie, but not something life changing…

  4. I guess I’m some 5 years younger than you, so I’m not entirely sure when I first saw Raiders. Pretty sure I saw Temple of Doom first.

    You’ve captured so many things I’d forgotten, details like you didn’t really know if he was a good guy or not!

    One thing though that maybe since I saw Temple of Doom first was the horror element. It might’ve been the first real horror film I saw and I loved it. The gore and nastiness, the bugs, and the darkness was thrilling. A lot of that is in Raiders too.

    I reckon it can be pinpointed as another starting point for me too. The heart getting ripped out .. I’d only seen the film when we lived in the US and when my family returned to the UK and it was cut .. well the search for a dark path of uncensored nasties began.

    Good old Indy has a lot to answer for 🙂

    • Apparently, from what I’ve been told by most of my foreign friends, you only saw it at my age if you were lucky enough to be an American… or maybe a Canadian.. 😉

      “Temple of Doom”. Of course I had to go see that one too when it came out. It was good, but I remember being put off by it being a “prequel” at the time. I would have been about 11 or 12 when that one hit our theaters and intellectually I was aware of the idea that the new movie takes place first cronologically, but I was somewhat upset to see Indy “cheating” on his girlfriend Marion with Kate Capshwaw. Silly, huh?

      The Horror elements were stronger.. and yes… that heart ripping scene was amazingly scary!! All in all, that one struck me as closest to some of the old B&W Tarzan films I remember with those lost jungle cults of Leopard Men and the like…

  5. Lol. I get your point. But being 13-14 and in the UK around that time (the video nasty backlash meant many films were literally banned) – cannibal ferox and holocaust et al were simply not on my radar!

    I was way more squeamish back then! Seeing the guy pull his face apart in Poltergeist was enough to have me watching from behind my hands!

    Now though? Bring it on lol

  6. Oooohh!! Italian Cannibal Movies… not one of those films lil’ ol’ me got to see when they first came out. I mostly saw them once I got into High School on “Movie Nite” with friends at their house. These films weren’t banned here in the US, but they were often hard to find at the video store until the late 80’s or early 90’s.

    • Yeah, I think I first saw Cannibal Ferox (under the name The Emerald Jungle–I think the guy who rented it had thought it was the Powers Boothe movie The EMerald Forest, heh) in 86 or 87. Everyone else was “ewwwwwwwwwwwww” and I was all “this is AWESOME, how have I never heard of this before???”…

      • Weirdly enough, these sorts of ultra gory films have never bothered me in the least… they were always so darn “over the top” that the violence and gore were almost cartoonish to me. Simpler “slasher films” or thrillers about regular “serial killer” types in ordinary setting always have upset me more, sometimes giving me nasty nightmares. Go figure…. 😉

        Still… can’t say I’ve ever preferred pure “cannibal movies” to good old fashioned “jungle explorer adventures”. Which is good, since Carolyn really doesn’t like “cannabilism films” at all… Me, I’m just the sort of goofy lady that likes the odd dinosaur, killer pygmy, Nazis, or headhunter to pop up as the bad guy in my jungle movie… 🙂

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