13 comments on “Unfortunate Family Worries…

    • Thanks much… scares like this are never what you want jumping out at you. It’s going to be a while before Sandra’s 100% but I’m just glad my sweetie hasn’t lost her sister or anybody else.

      This one is just another excellent reason for me to wish winter was done and over….

  1. Thank you for the detail 🙂
    Though you have give me a brief story, reading this shows how scary the situation was. I am glad she is going to have a full recovery soon.

    • It was very scary to realize how close we came to losing her so unexpectedly. Carolyn was so happy when Allan called the other day and Sandra could talk on the phone. It’s the first time she’s heard her speak since it happened and she’s been terribly worried about her “Baby sister” for the last week. The two of them have always been super close… and she’s become my good and dear friend as well. It’s been like having a sister of my own… I’m sooo darn glad she’s going to be OK.

      • I never have a sister, so I don’t know how it feels to have one. So happy you experience having a sister through Caroline.

        Keep us updated.

      • Sandra’s a great lady… and I’m glad we’ve become friends as well as in-laws. She was still awfully black and blue and her face was very swollen but she’s definitely feeling better, although she won’t be up and about for at least three weeks according to her doctors. She tells us they put a couple of pins in her arm to hold it together and she’s got some drains coming from in her lower abdomen following her surgery for the internal damage she suffered. She swears it’s much better than it looks… Thank goodness, ’cause it looks ghastly!!

        I’m glad we could see her again so soon. I know Carolyn is more relaxed now. This entire incident shook her pretty badly, although she tried her darnedest to not let it show too much. She’s always been one to “put on the brave face” and try to hold things together in a crisis.

  2. Oh good heavens! No wonder you want winter to F^%^& off already. I’m so glad that she’s going to recover. I sincerely hope her recovery is fast and there are no residual effects. Same for the kids.

    • Thanks for the good wishes… We’ll know some more tomorrow when we head back down for another quick visit. We can only go down for a few hours and then have to come right back for work, but I know Carolyn will be so much happier if she can see for herself that Sandra’s getting better. Me too, for that matter.

      • I’m glad you’re going back to visit. Yes, it does help to see it with your own eyes (and Carolyn’s). Do post a bit of update if you can. We’re all rooting for her. 🙂

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