2 comments on ““The Healing” (2012) – Philippine Horror

  1. hi nekoneko…
    happy belated first anniversary on your wedding..
    just stumbled upon your blog after im looking some synopsis about tumbol pinoy horror movies…
    well im an avid horror fan and i watch all asian horror movies…
    so im happy to saw your writing…btw could you post more pinoy horror movies??
    i already watched most of the ones you posted tho…
    some were really hard to find…especially on youtube…
    cheers !!

    • Hi there Maddoxxx! Sorry it took so long to get back to replying but this wee lady’s been a bit squirrelly of late and I kinda went on “walkabout” for the last month or two… needed to recharge my batteries and get some well needed time to shake out the lethargy and lack of ambition that has gripped me.

      Ahhhh… Philippine horror movies. I’ve watched those for quite a while actually as they are fairly easy to get here in the US. The more recent ones anyway… there are plenty of classic films from before the era of DVD I probably will never get the chance to collect. I just recently saw the film “Dilm” so I imagine if I don’t lose traction again right away… fingers crossed… I should be ready to do a review for it fairly soon.

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