6 comments on ““I’m Not 42!!… I’m 22 With a Good 20 Years of Experience!”

    • Oh, I’m definitely taken. 🙂

      There might be times when Life wants to kick me around a bit, but knowing my darling Carolyn is there, eager to be my friend, companion, lover, and Soulmate through all of it will always see me through… and it also makes the Good Times even better. I’m a lucky lady to have her in my life.

  1. Happy Birthday Miyuki 🙂
    I always love reading surprises between you two.
    That knife looks great! You know I never bring knife when I am camping…don’t know why.

    Go and have a wild fun in the wild!!1 😉

    • Thank you Novia. 🙂

      Carolyn works very hard to think up new ways to keep her surprises secret for special occasions and I think the intrigue of it all is as much fun for her as actually giving a gift. It is so sweet to think how much she wants to please me with them too.

      I just love my new knife! I did have to force Carolyn to accept a lil’ token in return, though. I don’t know if you have the tradition in Indonesia, but here there is an old idea that you can’t give a knife as a gift without accepting something in return otherwise the gift will bring bad luck and ruin the relationship between the people involved. She kept telling me it was already my knife, so it didn’t realy count, but I made her accept a penny anyways. Better safe than sorry… 😉

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