4 comments on ““Kelibat” (2014) – Malay Ghost/ Horror

  1. I’m just going to go straight to the point as I’m still in shock you gave it 4 meows. I think that was the first I’ve seen. And I’m so happy because I like the movie too.

    ‘Kelibat’ mean glimpse or something seen in a flash.

    • Ahhhh!! Now that makes better sense… and fits really well with the “echos” of the past events that keep haunting everybody. Thanks much for clearing that up for me. 🙂

      Hahahaha!! I have liked a few other films that much, but this one still surprises me at how much I ended up enjoying it. Carolyn still tells me I’m just all crazy in love with the old wooden house in the film and that’s probably a big part of it. She’s probably right… deep in my heart, I do just want a rambling exotic vintage house like it for my very own… just me and my sweetie and our lil’ kitty. I could totally see us living happily in a place like that, and I was so thrown for a loop to see these people not absolutely love it too.

      … But then this lady is one goofy kitten with strange tastes… 😉

      • I watched it again because I did not pay much attention the first time with the huge pillow covering most of my face. I tried to see it from Kalin point of view and I made my own deduction.

        Kalin came from old money while Kamal was from new money. After Kamal lost all that money, Kalin had to ask her family’s help. Her rich family was the one who paid for the first month rent of the old wooden house. Growing up with money and suddenly not having it, I think she was scared, angry and ashamed. And for her and the kids to act bratty, it must be that Kamal had spoiled them rotten. So, for Kamal to end everything like that, I truly can’t accept it.

      • I agree that he made a terrible choice, one that he should never have made, but I still feel somewhat sorry for him. He was pushed to a place where nobody should ever be driven, a place where even the most unthinkable things might seem like the only option. It doesn’t make what he did acceptable… but I can understand how it could happen. 😦

        I hadn’t considered the idea that Kalim and Kamal might not have come from similar backgrounds. I think now that you might have hit that perfectly. But I still find the way his family treated him to be strange. So little respect for him. Is that a common thing in modern Malaysia? I realize I am an outsider to that culture and only see what the movies show me, but I had been given the idea that families there were usually much more respectful towards their family head than this.

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