5 comments on ““Nasi Tangas” aka “Nasi Kangkang” (2014) – Malay Witchcraft/ Horror

  1. Lol. Your review made me laughed. As a Malaysian, I found it unappealing. Movie maker should stick with ‘pocong’ and ‘pontianak’. The movie was icky and yucky but it did not beat a scene of a guy eating a bowl of barf (from a Japanese movie).

    • Hahaha!! I have seen movies that were a lot more distastefully gross, but I have to say this one kept reaching to hit that uncomfortable place again and again for very little real need.

      I must admit to having a bit of curiosity when I first heard about it once I had done some research and found it was based on a very real folk practice. That was what had me shaking my head… I know that to the Malay and Indonesian audiences for these films, the supernatural is ordinarily taken as a very real thing, but this idea just struck me as so “WTF??” as to be beyond belief. It always surprises me…. 🙂

      • You will be very happy to know that it is still practice nowadays. But the most case I’d heard involved abusing husband or son. Growing up, if my brothers and I were naughty, our mother would say “I’ll feed you my nails and hairs if you don’t behave.”

        And yes, I’m stalking your litterbox again. Hehehe.

    • There’s oodles of odd little films that slip past IMDB, but they gotta work reeeaallly hard to slip by this obsessive lady. I don’t always manage to track them down… but I give it my best.

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