5 comments on ““Release The Flying Monkeys!!” – Halloween 2014

    • Hahaha!! I’ve been so busy this year at work and other stuff that I’m not even sure if we’ll get the chance to celebrate in style this year. I still have all of the stuff I was working on for last year… Madam Meesha and her companions, my Dr. Who inspired lil’ group…. but I’m not certain how ready they’ll be by Halloween. I have such a vision of them and goofy lil’ me would always know the difference (and always be secretly annoyed) if I didn’t get them “just right”…. 🙂

      We may just save those for when I complete them… if I ever do… and do something simpler instead. Given this year’s Theme here at the Litterbox, maybe we’ll be witches…. 😉

      • Hmmm? That’s an idea. I still have my long white wig from my “Bride With White Hair” costume and a kimono that might work. Throw in some bits and bobs to round things out and it’s doable. But what would Carolyn get to dress as?

        A shame we aren’t closer to each other’s size…. I’ve got so many costume things she’d look good in but all too small for her. 😦

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