2 comments on “Love Comes Sneaking On Little Cat Feet…

  1. Apology accepted 🙂

    …well I have to admit i enjoy reading your personal story than your review since we seem to have different movies taste 😉

    The DVD looks so old.

    Hahaha you are one tricky cat, but i like that Henna idea. Take a picture of it before it disappears.

    • We do seem to be different in our movie tastes, Novia, but we seem to enjoy life in much the same way… with a open spirit and a sense of fun, each in our own way. 🙂

      Hahahaha!! That poster is from the original run of the movie in Japan but is the same as the cover for this DVD. The discs themselves are almost brand new, I have no idea who produced them, but they are simple things with only the movie itself and no title screen or extras of any kind. I’ve managed to watch the first two and I’ll have a Review up in the next day or so… I’m thinking Wednesday or so. 😉

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