6 comments on ““Guardians of the Galaxy” (2014) – American Comic Book Scifi/ Space Opera

  1. So glad you enjoyed this one. I am a comic book guy, and to be honest I’ve been suffering disappointment and fatigue with more recent efforts (the latest X film aside). Also, was worried about the strange and obscure property they chose.

    But I adored it, just the right balance of humour and invention. And a little love letter to those 1980s post Star Wars scifi movies to boot.

    My only fear was that all the set up would be a touch too much for the casual audience, but it seems noone has found it hard to work out.

    As usual with marvel films, the villain is a little weak (apart from Loki, that’s a common theme), but I guess with so many characters being juggled about, something had to give there.

    As for Groot? That’s pretty much what he is. Not so much underdeveloped, but a somewhat one note joke that somehow keeps on giving!

    • It was a fun lil film (and a nice evening out for us both)… and I honestly think the biggest thing this one has going for it is the way it’s so independent of the rest of those other Marvel films. By letting it stand alone it works really well as a homage to those old school Space Opera films I remember loving as a girl.

      But then again… I did also enjoy the 80’s 3D space romp “Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone” more than anybody probably should have. Sue me… I’m a sucker for cheesy Sci-fi… 😉

      • Oh. And by the way. I’ve managed to score myself a copy of House in the Alley. Have you got/seen/reviewed? Could be a potential for our next joint effort!

      • Hehehe… you’re just a wee bit late dear Stephen. 😉

        Already did a review a while back HERE.

        Still… I’m always up for another shared review. If there’s another one you are looking at, I could be persuaded. 😉

      • Haha. I thought you might have done. I guess I missed it. I blinked! I’ll stay clear until I’ve seen.

        And yes, I’ll think of something. I want to push you somewhere a little different though 🙂

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