6 comments on ““The Huntresses” aka “조선미녀 삼총사” (2014) – Korean Martial Art Action/ Comedy

    • It’s not a bad effort, but if you are as used to watching martial arts film as this wee Catgirl, then the difference was obvious. Still… most martial artists aren’t really good at acting, so having real professional actresses in the roles gave the characters a bit more on that side of things… it’s always a trade-off.

      • The star of Azumi was a pop-star as well wasn’t she? Good splashings of blood and tight editing can can cover a multitude of amateur martial arts skills 🙂

  1. Urgh. Although I’d seen this in a half assed non official way, I’m such a big Ha Jiwon fan I ordered the Korean DVD without looking. I guess the film was such a local turkey they decided not to get it English subtitled. And sadly all the fan subs out there seem fairly erm poor.

    But seemed to be the pattern of this latest batch to reach my doormat. Two old Taiwanese films that yesasia said had more languages subtitled than I can list both turned up with mandarin only!

    Luckily the package was rounded out by Soul and Aberdeen, so I’m going for Silver Linings time 🙂

    And yes Deeopy. Aya Ueto who played the titular Azumi was/is a pop star of sorts. She was in a quite dreadful girl band called Z1, and has done some solo stuff. But to be fair has managed to make an acting/modelling/wedding dress design career to save our eardrums

    • Yeah… I really hate when that happens… luckily I’m usually able to source those subtitles from somewhere, or even take the extreme step of translating them myself using an online translator and then tediously checking them for usage and context. Whew… often much more work than it’s worth, but I can be a stubborn lil’ kitten sometimes. 😉

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