6 comments on ““Ragini MMS 2” (2014) – Hindi Ghost/ Horror

    • Hindi films are definitely an acquired taste… and their horror movies run the gamut from some fairly nice and original offerings to some of the most blatant rip-off remakes you’ve ever seen. 🙂

      But then this wee lady likes her movies goofy and trashy at times… 😉

  1. >Luckily… and thankfully… she’s actually up for the challenge. The whole idea of her professional life as a porn star is actually important to the story…<

    So in other words, the Bollywood version of that Soderbergh film with Sasha Grey…? 😛

  2. I am guessing there are three original ghost there. The mother and the two daughters. The ending did foretell another movie. That’s all I’m saying without revealing the movie ending.

    I don’t know why they did not just go to a hotel or something but then again, even hotels are haunted these days.

    Skip to the second half of the movie if you want the horror. Well, not really scary but yes, this is where the story starts unveiling.

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