8 comments on “♬ Time Keeps On Slippin’…Into The Future ♬

    • Hahaha! Yeah… I know, I caught that just after I posted. All my 70’s music knowledge is a vague mush of childhood memories that quite often sorta exist in an alternate dimension all their own…. 😉

      Yep…. and I just might take advantage of that scheduled posting feature too if I can actually get my self motivated over the next week to throw together some Reviews. I have seen quite a few new films lately but I’ve been a terribly distracted lil’ kitten and haven’t had the discipline to just sit still and write about them.

  1. Yeah…a new diary post 🙂
    I always enjoy reading about you and your new life.
    A postpone honeymoon…I hope you’ll have wonderful unforgettable time together 🙂

    Maybe soon I will read about planning to have kids 😉

    • I hope we will. 🙂
      I can’t believe Carolyn remembered the story I told her about taking the train from California when I went to college and how much I liked it. She does know just how much I dislike flying and when she suggested this it just sounded perfect. It’s not even all that expensive either, given that we have a place to stay when we get to California. (Yep… Mom and Dad insist. The guest room is all ready. They have a small place, but they really want us to stay with them this time out.)

      It’s just a shame we can’t do the trip both ways… but I can only get just over a week off, so we will be flying home at the end. Still… the long relaxing trip there will make it all worth it. 🙂

      • By land/ water is always cheaper than by air…but flying makes up the time. I like train more than bus.
        Your parents are so kind and open-minded. You’re so lucky 🙂

    • Not to worry. we’ll be back.. 😉

      I am getting really excited about our trip… although at first the cost of it had me shaking my head with worry when Carolyn first proposed it. It wasn’t until she showed me how much we really saved by staying with my Mom and dad out in California over taking any other sort of big vacation trip that I relaxed. My sweetie… such a head for bargains.

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