6 comments on ““Ngôi Nhà Trong Hẻm” aka “House In The Alley” (2012) -Vietnamese Ghost/ Horror

  1. Do I dare to watch it? Heck no. Movies with ghost children is scary, for me that is, because children are suppose to be sweet and naive. Maybe that’s why Ju-on and Ringu still haunted me till this day.

    Anyway, lets ask my best friend what he thought of the movie. Yes, he watch anything advertise as the first this or the first that. And this movie was advertise as the first horror film ever produced in Vietnam.

    “Skip it.” Okay, moving on then. 😉

    • Actually… despite the way it was advertised… this wasn’t the first horror movie ever made in Vietnam, it’s just the first to be widely known and distributed outside of Vietnam itself. It was scary… but more in a suspenseful way rather than anything bloody or overt. Definitely not as bloody as Thai horror films, that;’s for certain.

      Ghost stories never really scare me all that much… I’m far more afraid of more realistic horror featuring serial murderers and the like. Now that sort of story can give me nightmares.

      • Have you ever watch Malaysia or Indonesia horror movies made in the 70’s or 80’s? Such as ‘Beranak Dalam Kubur’ by Indonesia made in 1972 or ‘Misteri Rumah Tua’ by Malaysia & Indonesia made in 1987. I think they have good plot, good execution and good acting. Some of the scene are silly such as in ‘Misteri Rumah Tua’ when one of the teen decided to go back into the haunted house to get her radio. I mean it’s haunted, buy another cassette player for crying out loud.

      • Unfortunately I’ve never seen all that many of the earlier films with the exception of a few of the Rapi films featuring Suzzanna, like, “Queen of Black Magic”. Most of those were on old VHS and not really available to me here in the US. I really started watching Malay and Indonesian horror once I got out of college and the first big boom in DVD imports by a few smaller retailers started up here. Later I started seeking them out myself to buy from overseas when it became easier for the average person to do.

  2. Dear Nekoneko, can you please recommend from vietnamese movies? I’ve only seen Bayrong so far, also with Veronica Ngo. Something in the horror department of course (I just don’t know where to begin). Thank you**

    • Vietnamese movies are harder than heck to find outside of Vietnam itself… I’ve only seen a couple with “Ngôi Nhà Trong Hẻm” being the first of their horror films to make it to me.

      They have made others…. and I’m still seeking many of those out for a look-see. Like 2011’s “Bóng Ma Học Đường” aka “Ghost School (3D)”, 2012’s “Giữa hai thế giới” aka “Between Two Worlds” and the latest I heard about, 2014’s “Hollow”.

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