7 comments on ““Godzilla” (2014) – American Monster Movie Remake

  1. Ahhhh… and as sometimes is the mystery that is blogging, our dear friend Miss Novia Rozet has also seen and watched this one as well and posted her own lil’ mini review at her own Blog, “Polychrome Interest”. Seems she’s a big Kaiju fan as well. Amazing how our film choices seem to synchronize at times… Check it out HERE o’ Gentle Visitors…. 😉

  2. I did enjoy this one even though it was ultimately disappointing. The characters were so unengaging I couldn’t muster the slightest bit of “care” for them at all. Their story just felt redundant.

    And yes I objected to the clutching of the pistol too. Would’ve been far better/braver for the character if he’d just put it down.

    But more than anything else my problem was how serious it was. Not the seriousness on its own, as you said Gojira was an amazingly effective atomic bomb analogy, but it had a point. This was just hugely po-faced but without any reason for it. There was no metaphor to read, there was no dramatic core or honest emotional journey .. there was just lots of seriousness with nothing behind it.

    I would’ve preferred it’d gone one way or the other.

    Things I did like, the monster fight was much like the old films, exciting, slightly silly, over the top. The slow build-up, when the fights came it was earned. The visuals it was spectacular viewing. And the Monster, he looked right, like a proper modern update of the original.

    Shame none of that was enough to shake the feeling of pointlessness in the whole endeavour.

    • Yes, I’m thinking it was a basic failure of my being unable to become emotionally invested in any of the characters that is the main source of my disappointment with this one. Those stories could have carried the film, but since they really didn’t… and we got no kaiju stomping action to make up for it… ultimately this one was sort of set up to fail for gleeful monster movie fans like this wee Catgirl.

      But… even if you don’t catch it at the theater, Godzilla himself makes this one worth a look.

  3. This is what my best friend and I have come up with after watching it:-
    – Not enough Godzilla vs Muto fighting scene. Come on, we watch it for the monsters smack down.
    – Confusing plot. There was one scene where Ford was on a helicopter heading to Hawaii and suddenly he was on a train.
    – Nuclear bomb in a train without supervision. There was no fighter jet or even helicopter to escort it. And this so call bomb can destroy an entire city.
    – Muto is the most ridiculous kaiju of all kaiju.
    – There is no chemistry between Aaron (Ford) and Elizabeth (Elle). I think both of them see themselves as twin rather as husband and wife.
    – Save your money and just watch the 2D. There’s not much differences with the 3D.
    – It is way better than the 1998 movie.
    – The real hero in this movie is definitely not the human.
    – My personal opinion; I’m glad my best friend paid for everything. * please insert evil laugh*

    • Hahaha!! I do have to agree… this wee Catgirl’s inner child certainly missed all the monster wrasslin’ action of those old movies. Carolyn says it’s soooo fun to watch a movie with me when I get lost in the action sequences and start to unconsciously twitch and tense up like I’m personally involved in the fight scenes. Yes… yes… I can be such a terribly goofy “fangirl” at times…. 🙂

      Most of those big obvious plot flubs didn’t help either. Still…. that last 15 or 20 minutes….. There Godzilla really cut loose and made you believe in his awesome power.

    • Whilst I agree with you about so much of the faults, I’ll actually protect the train bit.

      He’d been dropped off in Hawaii by the Navy. And it was I think the train at the airport that takes you to the terminal – it was just his journey home.. Not that he made it.

  4. Ah I completely agree with you that the characters are a bit off…but I still like it more than you because it still feel more like the real godzilla. I enjoy the way they thrashed the cities.

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