5 comments on ““Finally!!..Spring has Sprung!!”

    • Yep…. sneaking right up faster than I can really believe possible. Makes me sooooo darn nervous!! It shouldn’t… it really shouldn’t, but it does. The only thing making me feel better is knowing Carolyn is feeling it too, although she’s trying to be so calm, cool, and collected. But I know… 😉

      • All my friends who were about to get married always told me that they were very nervous…so relax, it’s a common thing 😉

      • That’s what everybody has been telling me… but it still feels so weird to be so darn nervous about it. I mean, Carolyn and I have been together as a couple for years now, but just the idea of it being all “official” has both of us going a little crazy the closer we get. The really silly part is how terribly sweet… and incredibly scary… it feels all at the same time. My goodness, love can be soooo darn goofy….

        Sorry it’s taken so long to answer, but I’m sooo darn stupid busy these last couple weeks with everything…

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