9 comments on ““Şeytan-i Racim” (2013) – Turkish Horror

  1. I read this post this morning but I couldn’t comment, my mobile didn’t work properly.

    From reading your post, i think the poster doesn’t show what the movie is about. It’s a shame when the characters in movie don’t appeal us…it makes good movie feels incomplete.

    Btw, Have you watched Open Grave? I thought it was a great movie but not everyone thinks the same. I have just watched it and loved it.

    • I know… that’s probably the one thing I absolutely have to have in a movie if I’m going to enjoy it, and that’s characters I can become invested in… ones that I feel a connection to. Once this one got going, I just couldn’t manage to care much about any of them….

      “Open Grave”. No… I haven’t caught that one yet, although the premise sounds like one I would like, I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for it when it hits DVD. 🙂

      • Lucky you! It’s not out yet here in the US on DVD… the only version I’ve found is the Italian Region 2 DVD or Blu-ray disc, too darn pricy to import for me. 😦

        But I’ll definitely keep my eyes open for it… and I’ll have to check out you review too!

        Oooooh! And dear Novia… my stats page now tells me you are currently the most active commenter here at the Litterbox. My biggest ((HUG)) and most heartfelt thanks for always taking time out of your busy, busy life to visit with this kooky lady and exchange thoughts and dreams. 😉

      • Hello Catgirl! I am desperate to obtain the “English” subtitles for this film. Unfortunately, I do not have the knowledge level or expertise to perform the effort you did to acquire them. Is there any chance you could assist me with my dilemma? I would be forever grateful. I am an absolute horror consuming monster who has had to search outside of the domestically made movies to find additional quality frights. I have been doing this for years, & though I am pretty good at finding subtitles, I do have a handful of foreign made films without them. I have recently discovered the site for translating subtitles to English, but again, I cannot find any subs at all for this film. Please help a fellow lover of things horror out Catgirl!

      • So nice to hear from another film fan, thanks for stopping by my lil’ Litterbox for a vist. 😉

        Hmmm? I have my subtitle file for this one somewheres about, I’ll have to see if I can track it down and see if I can post it up.

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