10 comments on “Ok Winter… This Means War….

  1. Aww poor you. An here I was complaining that this drought should end already. We got drizzle but that’s about it. It must have hurt big time. And for you to still type this, wow, impressive. Everything happens for a reason. There must be a silver lining some where. Just have to wait for it.

    On a happy note, you’re getting marry? My fangirl mode is on. I love wedding. Well I love any occasion that comes along with food. But, the point is I’m going to be there…virtually. Ah, wedding; where everything passed by in a blur and your biggest hero will be the cameramen.

    Anyway, get a lot of rest. Treat yourself as a princess because you deserve it. And I’ll be praying for you.

    • Hehehe… the miracle of proper pain medication with a good anti-inflammatory. I was pretty useless most of Sunday until the swelling went down a bit. I’m just really glad I didn’t break anything.

      Yep! Carolyn and I have set the date for our wedding, even if we haven’t picked the location yet or finalized things enough. Hopefully there won’t be any more hiccups before the big day. Keeping my fingers crossed! 🙂

  2. When I hit ‘like’ here please be assure it’s a like for the post not the misfortune.
    I hope you will get better sooner than three days 🙂
    Look at the bright side, you can have a time of relax (just ignore the leg) 😉

    • Hahaha!! Don’t worry Novia… I know that you are the kindest of my “Gentle Visitors” and always mean only the best of wishes… 😉

      My leg is much better today and my wrist hardly hurts at all, although they are still bruised and discolored. I’m hobbling about without my crutch today, but I’m thinking I’ll still need it when I go back to work Thursday.

      • Not to worry… even when I go back to work tomorrow, I plan to take it somewhat easy and stay off my feet as much as I can.

        Unfortunately I can’t really take too much more time, there just isn’t enough people to fill up shifts at the restaurant, not to mention all the paperwork, menu planning, ordering, and scheduling I’m responsible for. Also… both Carolyn and Sam have let me know they’ll both be insisting on giving me rides back and forth to work till I’m 100% again.

  3. Jeeze, while I’ve been doing the equivalent of yelling “get off my lawn” you’ve been injured by the idiot spring snow. 😦 I do hope you get well soon.

    • Hahaha!! Well… the warmth finally found it’s way to us and we’ve enjoyed 60’s and even 70’s during the day since Sunday. Most of the snow is gone…. just like somebody snuck up with a big ol’ blowtorch and melted it all away when we weren’t paying attention.

      My wrist is all good now, and although my leg has returned to it’s normal size and color, it’s still a bit stiff and sore, especially after a day at work if I’m on it a lot. Nothing a couple of Ibuprofen can’t fix….

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