2 comments on ““Mỹ Nhân Kế 3D” aka “The Lady Assassin” (2013) – Vietnamese Swordplay

  1. oh dear seems I have been given the old review “raincheck”!! Never mind, you are probably right that maybe I had already done the film to death 🙂 But very glad you enjoyed it, and had very similar thoughts to me. “House in the Alley”?? Looks like I will have to see if the purchase fairies can help me out there!

    • No worries Stephen… I just felt a bit bad about how long it took me to get this one and actually manage to watch it. We’ll have better luck, I hope, with this next try.

      Amazon has “House In The Alley” as available May 27th… but I’ve seen no listing for it at Amazon UK. Still… there’s often a lot of Region 1 imports listed there so I’m hopeful you’ll be able to secure a copy. 🙂

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