16 comments on ““Paku: Bila Cinta Menjadi Seram” (2013) – Malay Vampire Horror/ Romance

  1. My guess on the language issue is that since (a) Malaysia has 137 dialects and (b) English is the second-most-spoken language in the country (source for both: Wikipedia), they hard-sub things in English for folks who don’t speak actual Malaysian, in the same way that Nollywood produces exclusively English-language movies in order to get around the Nigerian/Ghanian dialect problem.

    • Ah ha… Thanks a bunch!! I knew somebody would have an answer for this question. 😀

      Hmmmm? Haven’t actually had a look at any Nigerian films, but it’s nice to know they are English friendly should I find any. (About the only Nigerian experience I have is the odd spam comment here at the Litterbox trying to trick me into some sort of crazy Nigerian bank scam…. never a good thing.)

  2. Well..Hello there! I just stumble upon your site while searching for something scary during this wonderful Halloween and I just love that we have a lot in common (in some aspects)

    Since I had mostly read your summaries on the horror section,it’s time to move to my own country’s horror film production.I’ve known most of them from the local advertisement but I’m not really bothered to watch them since there’s too much of this horror/ghost movies coming out in the recent years.

    I suppose I can give my opinion on your question that involving the English hard sub. (Yes opinion,because I’m not really an up to date girl who likes to watch/read all those local entertainment stuff.I’m more of an otaku girl who likes to spend my time in front of the laptop or reading bunch of comic book.Yup,that me)

    1.Well it’s true what Robert said about the dialects.We have TONS of dialects here but I don’t really think that the dialects are really such a big problem since almost everyone that speaks different dialects understands standard Malay.I think the hard sub is prepared for the other races here.More specifically for the Chinese and Indians.(We have various races here too but the Malay,Chinese and Indians takes the majority) Most of them understood Malay but some of them especially the ones whom study in the Chinese/Tamil/Catholic schools (It’s schools which uses Chinese/Tamil/English as the auxiliary language instead of Malay in all other school) can only understood them a bit.Except if their parent uses ,Malay as one of the language to communicate at home or they’re surrounded by Malay community.(I can never imagine how they pass their Malay language test).But you have to admit that learning different languages is difficult.I have a few friend like this and it’s quite difficult to communicate if they’re not good in both Malay and English.It was like a mime show when we have a conversation.Haha

    2.I think it’s also for those..you know the elite (/insert sarcasm here) rich people who thinks that their national language is old style and whatnot and only teaches their children other languages and stuff thus their children not knowing how to speak malay.LOL

    3.Lastly,I think they put in the subtitles because they thought that even though they’re not planning to launch it internationally,but with internet and other sources this high tech era have..I think they want to attract attention from other countries folk (like you) who find the movie interesting and buy/watch it (since it has sub) and they can tell their friends if it’s interesting.I would say it’s a very good way to advertise the film.

    • Nice to hear from another Malay movie fan! This wee lady appreciates all the information she can get… it’s really hard to learn these things without either chatting with helpful vsitors like yourself or lil’ ol’ me actually getting a chance to travel to the faraway places in the movies I watch.

      I definitely agree that having the English subtitles available makes the films so much more accessable to strangers like myself. I was so dissapointed when the Thai distributors for their own domestic DVD’s started ommiting them. Up to that point I had been quite the fan of Thai film, but haven’t seen many of late unless they recieved release in HK or Malaysia. Thank goodness Malaysia sees the value in including them on their own movies and most other releases there.

      • Yeah,I know what you’re feeling.It’s sad and disappointing when you’re interested to watch this foreign movie but no sub is available.But,if you have any questions about Malaysian’s movie culture and so on,I can gladly tell my own opinion and knowledge it,though,I don’t have a wordpress account.You can just comment here and I’ll reply it when I check my email. (Yeah right,if I even check my email.LOL)

      • Why thank you for your kind offer… there are lots of elements in Malay films that fly right over my head and make me go “Huh?”. 😉
        Learning some of the folklore is always fun for me.

  3. Huge Pontianak fan here (that sounds weird) – live finding Malay/Indo/Singapore movies with miss Pon or Kunti. Only thing is I can’t alwaus watch with English subs online and I can’t get them on dvd since I live in UK. Grateful for your reviews!

    • Nice to have another fan of these drop by and say “Hi!” 🙂

      Yep… these can be hard to catch online with subs, but luckily they are relatively cheap to buy direct from either Indonesia or Malaysia on DVD with English subs already included on the disc. They usually run right around 6-8$ US dollars (4.5 to 6.5 GBP) and standard shipping is pretty budget friendly too. Another great source is Ebay or Amazon Marketplace where many can turn up for sale. But… you have to reeeaally be a fan to want to go to that kind of trouble. Kinda like a certain horror movie obsessed Catgirl… 😉

      • I’m glad you didn’t mind me commenting 🙂 Well, I found one store online but it ended up quite pricey…couldn’t find anything at ebay or amazon! I’d prefer used dvds but couldn’t find those either. Maybe I’m just useless at searching xD If you have any links to stores you could pm me somehow, let me know 🙂 ❤

      • No worries! I’m always happy to chat with one of my Gentle Visitors! 🙂

        Hmmmm? Let’s see… Your best bet might be zoommovie.com, a Malay DVD store. DVD prices there are pretty inexpensive and they have a nice selection of Malay, Indonesian, and even Thai films with English subtitles. Shipping isn’t terrible by standard postal service. About the only problem is that they tend to have many of the older discs they list as unavailable once you try to get them. That’s because they don’t actually have them in stock, but source them once they get an order. Problem is… DVD’s sell out in Malaysia quickly once released and then don’t get re-issued.

        On Ebay you’ll probably need to search for actual titles rather than just a broad genre search. There are one or two good member stores I use that are pretty darn reliable, but they tend to stock only the odd film here and there.

        If all ease fails, and there’s a film you really want to see, give me the title and I’ll see if I can’t find a source for it. I’m pretty good at tracking these goofy films down. 😉

      • Aww!
        I was looking at that site! Oh wow that’s crazy about them finding them per order, haha! got some through a site called wanita eventually! So excited to get them. I ordered

        Pulau Hantu
        Beranak Dalam Kubur
        Momok The Movie
        Nasi Tangas (Nasi Kangkang)
        Misteri Bisikan Pontianak and Terowongan Casablanca 🙂

        Been looking for Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam 1 & 2 for years…also interested in the one we’re commenting on! Aw thankyou, that’s super sweet of you!

      • Wanita wasn’t a bad choice, I originally picked up “Suster Ngesot” there. However, they haven’t offered anything new DVD wise in a while so I haven’t been back to them since.

        “Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam 1 & 2” are actually available on YouTube (and still are… I just checked… ;)…) I’ve never been able to find DVD’s for either of them after years and years of searching. 2008’s “Susuk” is also there with English subtitles if you haven’t seen it yet. There are tons of others too… but they come and go rather quickly.

      • Ooh I saw that one and was thinking of buying it! Maybe next time.

        Ah its not just me who can’t find those 2 then! I saw them on yt but couldn’t find eng subs. I did watch Susuk last night thanks to you though – it was cool, thanks for the recommendation!

        I think I might just start doing reviews. Been thinking of it for a while but you’ve inspired me 🙂 I love this blog!

      • Why thank you April! I so love having one of my Gentle Visitors take the time to chat with me about these goofy movies I love so much. 🙂

        And you’ve inspired me to take a peek at Youtube again, which I hadn’t been doing for a while. So darn many films make there way there when I am frustrated trying to find a copy of the DVD. I only wish there was some way to find subtitles easier..

        Writing Reviews can be fun, and I always like hearing from people when they discover a film they might otherwise have missed from reading one of mine. Makes my whole day. 🙂

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