7 comments on ““Spring, Where Are You?…”

    • Hehehe!! Most definitely Stephen… I’m a mere hour away from popping my copy in the ol’ DVD player as I write.

      It’s “Movie Nite” at the apartment and I’m just soooo darn excited. It’s been a lot of years and I’ve soooo missed “hopping vampires”! Once we’ve seen it, I’ll probably be able to get something written and to you by Friday at the latest.

  1. Always enjoy reading your share of romance with Carolyn … trust me it’s high compliment since I NEVER read romance book in my entire life! I find such books too boring, I guess real romance is more interesting 😉

    • Yes, I can promise you “real life” romance is better than any story can ever be. 🙂

      I have had romantic relationships before, but nothing that makes me feel the way I do now with Carolyn. There are times when the feelings I have for her are so strong that they literally pain my heart and hurt in a achingly pleasurable way that is hard to express… or to understand… unless you have felt it for yourself.

      I know you are a strongly passionate person too Novia, and someday I know you will find this out when you encounter that special “one-and-only” who you cannot bear to be without. Then, I hope, you’ll share the stories about that discovery for me to read too… 🙂

  2. Darn it, you made me blush.

    Plus, “as the temperatures begin that crazy see-saw dance between “stupidly bitter cold” and “never quite warm enough””, urgh why can’t I have that? It’s been hot here. So hot, that I’d been sleeping on the cold hard floor because yeah, the floor is cold. Thank God for that.

    Carolyn, you hold that Catgirl tight because, well, I’m not going to steal her, but the point is, someone else might. So yeah. Not that my hubby was not romantic. But for crying out loud, he tried to copy 16 Candles. I’m a hypo. I do not sit on a table. It might crash. *sigh*.

    • Hahaha!! I would trade you for some of that heat… we still are freezing our lil’ butts off here.

      Oh… no worries, somehow my sweet Carolyn has found her way into my heart and I can’t imagine my life without her in it. Pretty soon we’ll officially be “Wife & Wife” and then nobody will be able to steal either of us away from the other…;)

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