9 comments on “Happy New Year… Again!!

  1. I stumbled on this blog a couple of days ago and have been reading bits of it (mostly horror movies reviews) since then with great enjoyment. As I can’t stomach watching any horror film I really appreciate to be able to read detailed spoilers : all the fun of the story without the scare ! Thanks a lot and happy new year to you too !

  2. Hahahaha very funny!! but American is not the only one, Japanese, Korean and Chinese are a bit difficult to distinguish unless if they are already get used to seeing one. I am lucky I can tell the different between them…especially when they start talking.

    • Well… at least I’m happy that Carolyn has unconsciously begun to be able to pretty accurately identify the subtle differences. She can tell at a glance the cultural background of most Asian people we might meet…. all thanks I’m fairly certain due to her exposure to my plethora of Asian cinema.

      She can even tell the languages apart when she hears them now, even if she can’t understand what they are saying. We were in the Mall a couple weeks back, and she actually recognized two Korean college students as being Korean just from hearing them talking. It made me smile to realize she’s actually paying attention on Movie Nite…. 😉

      • Hah I was most pleased to beat my girlfriend (a professional translator) in an identifying language test. This is despite me not being able to speak a single word in any of them and her being fluent in 6 (non-Asian) of them. Indeed all those hours spent watching foreign movies may not help you in a practical way but they do have cultural understanding and sensitivity benefits 🙂

        So can I take this chance to ask a slightly culturally insensitive question, do you chef an Asian, Japanese, American, global style restaurant? Just curious. Did you go to a specific school to learn?

        And also Happy New Year 🙂

      • Hahaha!! Why ask away… don’t be shy. 😉

        I work at a little upscale bistro that used to pretty much specialize in French and Italian style cuisine when I first started there, but over the years, and especially since I became kitchen manager, it’s broadened to be a pretty eclectic place with some fairly odd mixtures of food styles. Luckily we are a college town so I can get away with being a bit oddly mixed when it comes to planning specials and putting my own mark on things. It’s nothing I ever went to cooking school for… I’ve just always been one of those people who feel comfy in the kitchen and have kept at it long enough to get good at it. 😉

      • Sounds great. I did wonder about the all-encompassing mix of your recipes. Glad to see you get to carry that through to the restaurant 🙂

  3. I’m glad you got some good giggles out of it. I’m not perfect, but I can usually spot the differences. I can definitely tell the difference when they speak. Of the languages spoken in my neighborhood, 80% is Cantonese. We also have quite a few Koreans and Vietnamese in the neighborhood. Most of the business signs here are bi or tri lingual.

    Happy New Year! 🙂

    • It was fun but in a naughty, guilty sort of way…. that poor woman was just so darn clueless. It didn’t help that I was wearing my kitchen white top and had left my pea coat and rucksack up at a table by the register while I browsed for things. To somebody who’d never been in the market before, it was probably pretty reasonable to assume lil’ ol’ me, the only Asian face available… just had to be the one in charge. 😉

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