6 comments on ““Penanggal” (2013) – Malay Vampire Horror

    • Hahahaha!! I know what you mean… 😉

      It’s a wacky monster and really hard to get right without making it look silly. “Mystics In Bali” was quaint and goofy for it’s time, but still holds a soft place in my heart. The Thai “Krasue” films can sometimes be good if a bit uneven at times.

  1. And that’s why my dear Catgirl, you are my favorite person in the world. You save me from watching this movie. I heard from my sister; it was scary, it was gross, it was this, it was that. I can find this for free online but I’m the kind of person who’s willing to spend money as long as it’s decent. This movie; just by reading it; will only give me a headache. So, thanks again my savior. I bow humbly before you. Okay, the bow humbly part; I read it some where and was itching to use it. 😉

    • No problem! I share your disappointment over this one… I so wanted to like it more than I did, but just ultimately couldn’t. Oh well… maybe the next Malay horror will be like the ones I really enjoy.

      • I’ve watched it with my kids. They kept asking me when will the ghost appear. The story was confusing because they spoke in Arabic, Jawa and old Malay. So, my ears was next to the speaker most of the time trying to make sense of everything.

        By the end, there are so many questions. What happen to Yusof and Zahrah? Why Zahrah met Yusof alone if she is righteous? A righteous woman would never be in the same room with a man except her father, brother or uncle. And her wardrobe, is that what a righteous woman would wear? The camera kept on focusing at her chest area. Watching my daughter play the Barbie game is more exciting than this.

      • This was one of the more disappointing Malay horror films we’ve seen recently but I’ve always had a soft spot for folklore monsters like the pennangalan or krasue in Thai. Those sorts of stories and fables always intrigue me.

        Unfortunately for viewers, this film felt like it was just “thrown together” to cash in on the Malaysian horror movie fans thirst for new movies. Yes, not a really good film at all. 😦

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