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  1. OMG! What a wonderful love story. My eyes got all teary while I was reading this. I’m so thrilled for both of you. I saw your comment at the blog and I replied. Then I raced over here hoping you had posted your story. 🙂

  2. Thank you all for the thoughts! I’m still just so excited and overwhelmed by the it all…..

    I had thought for sure that we’d continue in our “girlfriends” status for the foreseeable future as long as Mrs. Simms kept up her wall of silence with Carolyn, but my sweetie tells me the idea of marrying me has been bouncing around in her head ever since my Mom first mentioned it when we went out to visit them.

    Back then I myself was so uncertain about the idea. I like our life together now…. and I couldn’t see how getting married would make it better. But when she actually asked me….. That feeling I had. Right in the moment. Then I knew I wanted her so much it hurt, and I realized why I’ve always been so reluctant to have anyone so close since my ex.

    No way am I missing out on forever with Carolyn…. It so sweet to think she wants to wear matching rings… to be able to say things to strangers at parties like, “Why hello…Have you met my lovely wife, Miyuki?”. I just love knowing she thinks I’m the most precious thing in her life…..

  3. oh wow!!! amazing news, congratulation Miyuki and Carolyn 🙂
    May the marriage last forever.

    Hope her mom can finally accept you two. Is the place you live in allow your marriage? it suddenly hits me because in my country it isn’t allowed.

    • Thank you for the congratulations Novia!! This marriage will last…. I absolutely feel that…and I just know I have the sweetest, most devoted fiance in the world and that she wants goofy, silly me for her very own now and for always. 🙂

      My greatest desire is that Carolyn’s Mom will see this as proof that our relationship isn’t something trivial, that what we have come to feel for each other is real and strong and forever. When we work out the date and the details I’m hoping she’ll want to attend… but I hope she does so because she loves Carolyn more than she hates our choice to be together.

      Same sex marriages aren’t accepted everywhere in the US, but we live in one of the few states that do recognize them… and my parents live in another. I’m not certain which one will be where we do it because I’m not certain yet if a marriage held in one is accepted by the other even if they accept their own… our state governments can be odd like that. There are a lot of things we are going to have to look into to get this right.

      • You know…I might mention your wedding on my review of Sherlock series 3 episode 2 because it’s also about wedding 😉

        Wow…your states are weird, how come a marriage in one place can be not accepted in other? weird!
        I thought so…I have the feeling that US is still homophobic.

      • Feel free to mention it, Novia… I so badly wanted to tell you all about my proposal when I commented to your New Year post but I felt it wasn’t appropriate to tell you my happiness when I read about your Mom and thought of your sadness on this anniversary. Instead I wanted you to know how much I just wanted to give you my friendship and support.

        Hahaha… you have to understand how much America is a country of “individualists”. Each of the states that make it up want to keep decisions for themselves instead of letting the central federal government make laws. In many ways it is divisive and foolish, but none want to think that people living anywhere outside their territory can tell them how they will do things. You are right… there is still much homophobia here, and although Carolyn and I can get legally wed, it is still treated as “not married” in many ways… and with many people who act like it is not a “real marriage”.

      • Thank you so much for thinking about me Miyuki ((hug)) that’s very kind of you.

        Very individualist…we also have authority for each province but not that separate.
        From my love toward Brit show, I can clearly see that they have better reception toward same sex marriage compared to US (how awful for them to change John Watson to Joan Watson simply to avoid gay-ish story). To be honest, your marriage is out of the question too in my country 😉 but I live in Asia…so you know 😉

        I wish you the best of luck and hope everything go smoothly for you two 🙂

  4. Happy news..! I like thinking that love is not simply about the things people do, but especially knowing what they wouldn’t do. What you and Carolyn have is a rare thing…

    • She’s a rare and lovely person with a sweet and passionate spirit. I’ve always felt blessed to have her as my best friend and I’m so glad that now that she’s my lover she’s still my best friend first and foremost. It’s hard not to love someone who wants only to see you happy no matter what. I’m just glad she knows I feel just the same about her….

  5. Many congratulations!

    I’m very happy for you both. It’s been genuinely lovely being let in to your life on here and watching this relationship develop over the last few years.

    All the best for an exciting year ahead 🙂

      • So many changes!! I can’t believe how much my life has grown and changed since my old DV days…

        And… hopefully there are years and years for more joy for us now that we’ve decided to make it “forever”. 🙂

      • Oof, 7 years since we started blogging reviews. In the best possible way I’m glad we’ve all moved on in all that time!

        And yeah change and moving forward in life is great, but growing something permanent is very special indeed!

  6. Awwwww! Congratulations! Your wedding cake absolutely MUST be horror or kitty-themed btw. So happy for the good news, wish you both the best. And all my hedgehogs send you huffs of congratulations. 😉

    • Ooooohh! Cake!! I honestly hadn’t even begun to think that far ahead yet… We’re just so giddy with the knowledge that we’re actually going to do this to think about the details yet.

      Heck… I’m not even certain about in which state we are going to have the wedding… or whether or not one of us takes the others name… or if we hyphenate them… and since neither of us is really all that religious just what sort of civil ceremony we’ll have. So many details to work out….

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